17 Shocking Holiday Complaints

Dirty Swimming PoolHolidayTravelWatch highlights the appalling range of complaints being received from all-inclusive holidays and points holidaymakers to 3 free guides on how to deal with their holiday illness claims.

HolidayTravelWatch receives daily calls and e mails from dis-gruntled holidaymakers, affected by the poor conditions within their package holidays. Many of the complaints lead to claims for holiday illness or contractual problems. The current crop of calls being received by the Organisation reveal an appalling catalogue of failings by tour operators and hoteliers, particularly in Egypt, Spain & Turkey. The complaints reveal a shocking disregard for the health and safety of holidaymakers whose expectation is that they are provided with a safe holiday. Here are examples of ’live’ complaints being received by HolidayTravelWatch:

  • Bad sewage smells on the hotel complex;
  • Grass areas suspected to be irrigated by sewage water;
  • Hotel complex littered with rubbish;
  • Hotel floors not mopped or cleaned;
  • Packs of dogs roaming the hotel complex;
  • Cats feeding out of hotel bins and dining areas;
  • Birds in the hotel restaurant;
  • Hotel food cold or just warm;
  • Hotel served pink/raw chicken;
  • Bottled water not sealed;
  • Faecal matter in hotel swimming pool;
  • Tour Operator reps laughing at faecal matter in hotel swimming pools;
  • Closure of Hotel swimming pools;
  • Many holidaymakers in hotel suffering with illness/sickness;
  • Holidaymakers suffering with Chronic Diarrhoea;
  • Holidaymakers suffering with Salmonella Infection;
  • Holidaymakers suffering with Giardia Infection.

HolidayTravelWatch is appalled at this list of complaints so early in the UK holiday season. The Organisation has produced several guides on how to deal with problems of illness at a hotel or on-board a cruise ship and urges holidaymakers to follow the simple summaries to help them in what is often a difficult situation.

Frank Brehany, the Consumer Director for HolidayTravelWatch states

I am frankly appalled at the shocking list of complaints we are receiving from all-inclusive holidaymakers. It is clear that holidaymakers need real assistance and so we have published 3 articles which provide useful summaries to holidaymakers on how to deal with any illness they suffer with whilst on holiday. If holidaymakers are affected by any of these issues they should call us for Free Help on how to deal with their travel problems. I can only hope that the travel industry act quickly to protect the travelling public from these poor conditions

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