84% Like To Try Something New!

British Eating HabitsAre you sure you are getting the best dining experience possible? In a survey conducted in March of 2011 by SecretHotelsRevealed.co.uk, 67% of those surveyed admitted to eating out at least a few times a month. With over half of the surveyed population dining out regularly, how can the dining experience be made better?

Online Reservations Easy Peasy

Of those surveyed, 64% made reservations before dining. However, only a mere 6% customarily made their reservations online. However, in the past 33% of those surveyed admitted to using TopTable or OpenTable to make their reservations, with 91% of the 33% stating that making reservations this way had been fairly easy.

TopTable and OpenTable, sites which allow restaurateurs to make reservations online, are easy to access because both can be downloaded on iTunes for the iPhone. Using these reservation sites, restaurateurs can easily make free reservations for their favorite restaurants.

Online Reviews Not As Influential… Yet!

Although 68% of survey respondents usually frequented the same restaurant, within the past six months up to 84% had ventured to try a new restaurant in their local vicinity and surprisingly, only 29% of those surveyed read online reviews before booking their restaurants. With TopTable and OpenTable, diners can both read online reviews and make their reservations in the same place.

OpenTable suggests venues diners might like, and it also shows the Diners’ Choice best restaurants in the diner’s desired area. Additionally, OpenTable features local dining deals and events in the area searched for, allowing even visiting restaurateurs to experience the “local’s” benefits. It is no wonder why 88% of those surveyed said they would consider making an online reservation in the future.

When surveyed, only a mere 26% of respondents stated they were aware of TopTable’s and OpenTable’s dining reward programs. Some of OpenTable’s benefits are that they award points for each reservation made through them. These points accumulate to give the reserver dining cheques which can be used as meal discounts.

Points Mean Prizes!

TopTable offers a rewards program as well, but theirs is slightly different: instead of points earning the reserver cheques, points count towards free dining at certain restaurants. One of their current offers allows diners to eat a meal for free after they book through TopTable six times. TopTable also offers a deal of the week. Some deals offer meals at restaurants for 50% off.

Another benefit which TopTable offers is the reservation of not only restaurants, but of hotels and theatres as well. Just like booking restaurant reservations, when you book hotels or theatres through TopTable, you earn points. In the recently conducted survey, 82% of those surveyed admitted that, when staying at a hotel, they occasionally used the in-house restaurant, while 8% always used it, and the remaining 10% never used the in-house restaurant.

TopTable and OpenTable are free, instant, easy, and confirmed. The rewards programs they offer allow diners to earn free meals. Also, because TopTable and OpenTable are available as iPhone apps, they can be accessed quickly and easily from wherever one is.

With the accessibility to restaurant reviews, navigable online reservation processes, and reward programs available through TopTable and OpenTable, restaurateurs can improve their culinary experiences considerably.

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