Average UK Hotel prices drop by 15%

On the 13th November 2012 the hotel price comparison search engine, Trivago released figures which showed that the average room rate for hotels across the United Kingdom had seen a drop of 15% when compared to the figures from November 2011.

The average cost of a one night hotel stay in the UK is £111, in November 2011 this average one night cost £130 and October 2011 this was £119. The total drop of 15% in the average hotel price was an accumulation of smaller drops in price across the country.

Generally most places seen a drop of 1-3% with some of the biggest drops in the hotel prices when compared with prices in November 2011 being seen in Newcastle (8% drop) and London (9%) drop and even more significant drops seen in Brighton with 10%, Edinburgh with 9% and Blackpool with 9%.

There have been small areas in the UK which have seen a small increase in the average cost of a one night hotel stay and these are Cardiff, Wales and Liverpool, England. Cardiff has seen an 8% increase in the cost of a hotel however this has been attributed to the large number of sporting events which are occurring in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff. Liverpool has also seen an 8% increase in the average rates.

The UK hotel industry however appears to be more resilient to the hotels in Europe where some of the most popular European cities for weekend hotel breaks such as Barcelona, Rome and Venice seeing drops in prices anywhere between 20 and 41%.

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