Can We Trust Hotel Ratings?

Hotel RatingsWhen booking a holiday, most people will spend a little time checking hotel’s reviews and ratings, but in a recent survey carried out travel company, it appears many of us are left feeling that they didn’t quite live up to our expectations.

In survey that polled 1,729 British holidaymakers, found that 64% of respondants thought that star ratings on hotels abroad were inaccurate.

Whilst the majority of people spoken to stayed in a hotel during their holiday, only 9% said they had stayed in a villa and the rest of respondents had either stayed with family or had opted for alternative arrangements.

Two thirds who completed the poll thought hotel star ratings were often inaccurate, and when asked to expand, 57% said the standard of the hotel was lower than what they expected from specific rating.

Rather surprisingly, 43% of people felt the opposite, that the hotel they stayed in actually deserved more stars than it had been awarded.

With an estimated 89% of holidaymakers taking into account the star rating of accommodation before booking, many people are concern with the decision to abandoned the star rating system. The UK’s tourism authority, Visit Britain, says it prefers to trust consumer opinion.

As review sites continue to grow such as TripAdvisor for hotels and OpenTable & TopTable for restaurant reviews, they provide valuable feedback from fellow travellers giving you an insight into what to expect from a hotel, making it a more balanced review.

With all review sites, we recommend taking a pinch of salt when reading them, and treat the reviews more as a general, unbiased overview rather than the gospel truth. There’s always the chance that one person may have had a terrible experience at a hotel, whilst everyone else gives glowing report.

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