easyJet launching allocated seating

Budget airlines such as easyJet and Ryanair, looking at all possible ways to speed up boarding times and ultimately cut the costs of the flights, are known for their non allocated seating policy.

This meant the infamous rush for the best seats upon boarding and there were many occasions where families or groups would get split for the duration of the flight simply because they were too far down the queue.

Changes are now being made to improve the boarding process and overall customer satisfaction of the flights after trials found that allocated seating did not make a negative impact on the punctuality and speed of boarding.

Starting immediately, easyJet will be heading towards a fully allocated seating system for their passengers with the changes being implemented across the network of planes and this is expected to be fully completed and in operation by the end of the month.

Having a seat on the flight allocated by easyJet will be free and included as standard in the cost of a ticket however if the customer has a particular preference regarding the location of their seat then they do have the opportunity to choose their seats themselves.

But, as expected with a budget airline any additional services come at an additional cost and this now includes the ability to choose a seat. Choosing your own standard seat starts at £3 and goes up to £8 for those who want to sit at the front of the plane as this often a popular option as it is quicker to get off the plane. Seats with extra leg room are charged at £12.

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