Most relaxing places to visit in the ukMost relaxing places to visit in the uk

Research carried out by expert bad credit mortgage brokers has highlighted some of the most relaxing places that you can visit in the UK Check it out below and plan your next relaxing weekend away

1. Cornwall 

Sitting at the top of the list is Cornwall, one of the most beautiful places in the country, rural and coastal settings a plenty and a friendly atmosphere. Cornwall forms a peninsula with wild moorlands and many sandy beaches. The south coast of Cornwall is dubbed the Cornish riviera due to the climate and picturesque landscapes. Cornwall has a host of picturesque villages and seaside resorts

2. Standish 

A small yet humble town in the borough of Wigan has made it onto our list due to the small population, low pollution and lack of traffic jams. The village has a population of less than 14,000 people making it a perfect place to settle.

3.The Lake District 

One of the most beautiful places in the UK, it was always going to make it onto the list. A favourite for nationals and tourists the lake district is a region of Cumbria in the northwest of England. With a low pollution level and beautiful market towns such as Keswick, Kendal, Ambleside and Derwentwater. The lake district is a wonderful place to visit and live.

4. Wales

Wales made it on to the list due to the low levels of pollution and traffic free roads (mostly). Wales is a well known part of southwest Great Britain. With rugged coastlines and famous mountains located there. The celtic culture and welsh language is a draw for tourism.

5. Scottish Highlands

Home to famous loch Ness and many other famous attractions  the Scottish Highland is a wonderful place to move to and relax, benefit from rural locations and lower house prices you can pick up a lot of real estate for a lower cost.

As you can tell the most relaxing places to live in the UK appear to be more rural locations, this goes to show that city life really does have an impact on our health and ability to de-stress. Not everyone will be able to move to the locations or may not even want to but a short visit to a rural location is proven to reduce stress and help relax. If you live in a busy area it can be a great way to relax with a rural weekend away.



Visit Nottingham, England, of Robin Hood FameVisit Nottingham, England, of Robin Hood Fame

Nottingham, England, in the heart of the East Midlands about 125 miles northwest of London, is famous for the legend of Robin Hood. Historians cannot say for sure if this outlaw champion of the poor did live in the Sherwood Forest of Nottinghamshire, or even whether he actually existed. However, they have uncovered ballads and chronicles written in Middle English dating back to 1440 making reference to Robin, Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, Will Scarlet, Little John, and the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Tales From Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle was built in 1067 by William the Conqueror upon Castle Rock, with natural cliffs of 130 feet. It was an important castle in a strategic position on the River Trent at one time, but later fell into disuse and disrepair. Some say the Sheriff of Nottingham moved into the castle while Richard the Lionheart was away on the crusades at the end of the 12th century, and that here, he had a showdown with none other than Robin Hood. The Galleries of Justice are open to visitors.

Ghosts in the Caves

A series of underground caves is built into the sandstone of Castle Rock. Visitors can discover the secret tunnel where Roger Mortimer was captured by supporters of King Edward III, accused of being lover to the king’s mother, Queen Isabella. Did they conspire to murder her husband, Edward II? There are tales of regular ghost sightings here. The Ghosts, Guts, amp; Gore Tour from the Cross Keys Pub is a must for those who want to hear all the horrid details. A museum and art gallery are open in Nottingham Castle for which the admission ticket is combined with the Museum of Nottingham Life at Brewhouse Yard and the maze of manmade caves built into Castle Rock.

Oldest Pub in England

You can set out on tour from the oldest pub in England, Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, established in 1189. Join a costumed Robin Hood tour guide here on Wednesday or Friday afternoon to hear the whole story, see the Old County Gaol (jail), and wind up sampling some fish and chips and a half-pint of real local ale. More than 800 years of stories await.

Robin Hood statue in Nottingham

Capital of Lace

Jumping ahead through the centuries, during Britain’s Industrial Revolution, Nottingham was the center of lace-making. The Lace Market is the name of the historic part of the city where visitors can see how the lace was made and enjoy restaurants and pubs, tea rooms and bars, theaters and clubs. You may see lots of students, for Nottingham is a popular university town.

Where to Stay, Eat

While visiting the University of Nottingham, we stayed at the Lace Market Hotel, a former Georgian townhouse located at 29-31 High Pavement with 42 rooms (singles from £59, doubles from £79), a well-known restaurant called Merchants, and Cock amp; Hoop, a pub. Also in High Pavement is Pitcher amp; Piano, a good and reliable British chain of restaurants. We liked the stunning Nottingham location, housed in a former church, complete with cavernous ceilings and stained glass. Or, in Maid Marian Way, try a curry at MemSaab, named as one of the U.K.’s best Indian restaurants by the Observer.

Getting to Nottingham

Avoid the drive. Traveling from London to Nottingham by an East Midlands train is recommended.
Queen Elizabeth II visited Nottingham on June 13, 2012, as part of her Diamond Jubilee celebration, and even she arrived by train to be met at the station by her grandson, William, and his wife, Duchess of Cambridge. Depart from St. Pancras or Kings Cross Station. Journey times range according to train but are generally under two hours.


Where to travel in 2021?Where to travel in 2021?

Are you one of the millions expected to leave the UK and seek warmer shores this year? Maybe you’re more of an adventurer and want to spend time with Adélie penguins in the Antarctic?

August is the busiest holiday month of the year. Airports are crowded, resorts are hot and prices tend to be high. But if you have school-age children this is probably when you’ll be taking your holidays.

For the best prices, travellers are advised to book holidays towards the end of August as most people want to travel early in the month, desperate to get out of work, and so prices are often higher. If you can wait until the last week you’ll find prices drop significantly.

The Mediterranean is expected to be the hotspot once again for tourists, but if you don’t like the heat, or you want to experience a different kind of holiday, you should consider going north to Scandinavia, Iceland or the Baltics.


Internet offer various travel opportunitiesInternet offer various travel opportunities

Over the past few months, more and more websites have been getting recognition in how they’re helping travellers gain more experience from their holidays.

Now if you prefer your holidays to be full of sun sea sand and a sprinkling of variation, lately you’ve been spoilt for choice. When it comes to holidays, some people have unsual tastes and this is where the web can help more than ever.

Even if you fancy getting elbow deep in pottery or making sock pupets in berlin, the internet can help you plan a uniquely tailored holiday.

Scube Park Berlin

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Landmark Trust UK

Landmark Trust take on historic places in danger and carefully and sensitively restore them. Though they range from the sober to the spectacular, all our buildings are rich in history and atmosphere. They include picturesque pavilions and medieval long-houses, artillery forts and Gothick follies, clan chiefs’ castles and cotton weavers’ cottages, the homes of great writers and the creations of great architects, from Browning to Boswell, from Pugin to Palladio.


9Flats is a website that puts travellers in touch with private flat owners in Germany. It saves travellers money and helps owners with accomodation standing empty, get money from their asset. Staying at the place you’re visiting becomes part of your holiday rather than simply storing yourself at night as with most hotels.


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