Internet offer various travel opportunities

Over the past few months, more and more websites have been getting recognition in how they’re helping travellers gain more experience from their holidays.

Now if you prefer your holidays to be full of sun sea sand and a sprinkling of variation, lately you’ve been spoilt for choice. When it comes to holidays, some people have unsual tastes and this is where the web can help more than ever.

Even if you fancy getting elbow deep in pottery or making sock pupets in berlin, the internet can help you plan a uniquely tailored holiday.

Scube Park Berlin

You want to have a different Berlin experience? Book your stay in the world’s first SCUBE Park in Berlin’s Columbiabad. For sophisticated guests who don’t make ecological compromises.

Landmark Trust UK

Landmark Trust take on historic places in danger and carefully and sensitively restore them. Though they range from the sober to the spectacular, all our buildings are rich in history and atmosphere. They include picturesque pavilions and medieval long-houses, artillery forts and Gothick follies, clan chiefs’ castles and cotton weavers’ cottages, the homes of great writers and the creations of great architects, from Browning to Boswell, from Pugin to Palladio.


9Flats is a website that puts travellers in touch with private flat owners in Germany. It saves travellers money and helps owners with accomodation standing empty, get money from their asset. Staying at the place you’re visiting becomes part of your holiday rather than simply storing yourself at night as with most hotels.


AirBNB allows you to discover amazing, unique accommodations in over 190 countries. Boasting over 10 million nights booked worldwide, Airbnb is fast becoming the world leader in global travel rentals.

9Flats and AirBNB is the essence of what is fast becoming “The Share Economy”. These sites let travellers bypass traditional hotels so now you can holiday for cheap, in a real locals appartment.

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