Premier Inn Research Reveals Brits’ Bedroom Spats

Premier Inn Research Reveals Brits' Bedroom SpatsPremier Inn has revealed that the average couple bickers in the bedroom 167 times a year due to a number of niggles faced during a night’s sleep, with the top offender being hogging the duvet.

Aside from the tug of war with the duvet, the second most common reason for a night-time squabble is the age old problem of snoring. The research commissioned by Premier Inn to coincide with National Stop Snoring Week, revealed one in ten couples have a bust-up over snoring at least twice a week.

More than half of those questioned blamed men as the worst culprits for snoring, though it is not always the partner’s fault for missing out on much needed shut eye, as a fifth of Brit’s admitted to waking up once a week from their own heavy breathing.

The study, which questioned 2000 adults in a relationship, unveiled that half of us suffer with a snoring spouse, with 20% revealing they lose two hours sleep every night as a result. And, for one in ten Brits the disturbed night’s sleep is such an issue that they would even consider leaving their partner because of it.

Other bones of contention in the boudoir include allowing children to sleep in the marital bed, venturing onto the wrong side, being touched by freezing cold feet and leaving the lights on to read.

Claire Haigh, Premier Inn spokeswoman, commented: “Our research shows that most of the arguments couples have in the bedroom are down to habits that are easy to resolve as a relationship develops.

“We conducted this research to coincide with National Stop Snoring Week and the findings discovered that a lot of people are seriously affected by snoring and hogging the duvet.

“At Premier Inn we believe everyone deserves a good night’s sleep so we ensure we do all we can to give our guests the best possible night’s sleep to minimise disruption. Our king size beds, comfortable pillows and black out curtains are key to getting a great night sleep.

“People suffer from snoring to varying degrees and the research shows how something like snoring can impact on our day to day lives especially if one person in the relationship is missing out on much needed sleep.”

Premier Inn offers all guests a ‘Good Night Guarantee’, which means if guests are not 100% satisfied with their stay they can request a full refund. Premier Inn is so committed to its philosophy that everyone deserves a great night’s sleep, that they recently invested £70 million into refurbishing 13,000 rooms.

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