Queue Jump In Paris

Paris QueuesSummer time in Paris means perfect weather and an influx of tourism. Now is the perfect time for any Paris tourist or tourist group to take advantage of Easy Pass Tours. Skip the Line Easy Pass Tours are the best way for tourists to see Paris. With this exciting and exclusive offer, travelers can experience the city’s greatest attractions without experiencing their notoriously long lines.

Skip the Line Easy Pass Tours began in 2011 with a soft opening. Due to its early success, Easy Pass Tours is promoting a full-scale launch to ensure that these one-of-a-kind English-speaking tours are available to the general public. Now, travelers can see the best Paris attractions while enjoying personalized VIP treatment. There are so many things to see and do in Paris, and by skipping lines, travelers can spend more time viewing these attractions without wasting time at the ticket office.

The Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Tour allows travelers to skip the lines entirely before heading up to the top of the tower for unlimited viewing. On The Skip the Line Catacombs Tour, travelers who have already witnessed the heights of the Eiffel Tower can travel underground to the famous Paris Catacombs. The Parisian dead are in demand, and with limited number of guests admitted each day, this tour is the best way to see these mysterious crypts. Paris is famous for its art and culture too, and with Easy Pass Tours there is a great way to see the city’s best museums.

With The Skip the Line Louvre Tour, travelers can visit the famous Louvre with a licensed guide and avoid the crowds of tourists. And with The Skip the Line Musée D’Orsay Tour, travelers can experience the beautiful Orsay which houses the works of Monet and many classical artists. The Easy Pass Tour guides make the beautiful impressionist art come to life!

There is a similar no-line tour available for The Pompidou Center which actually is a private tour before the modern art museum officially opens. What an awesome experience! Walking through the mecca of modern art before it’s even opened to the public. You have the entire museum to yourself. For the ultimate luxury experience, travelers can secure priority access to the chateau and gardens of Versailles. This popular 7.5-hour walking tour features a picnic lunch and plenty of photo opportunities.

The evening version of the tour includes a romantic wine tasting with fireworks and a personal tour guide. There are countless things to do in Paris, and line-free Easy Pass Tours are a great way to see them all.

Seasonal line-free tours will be available until October 31, 2012 and the Skip the Line Eiffel Tower Tour will operate year round. For more information about Easy Pass Tours and other tours offered in Paris, visit http://www.easypasstours.com.

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