Strange Items Stolen from Hotel Rooms

Strange Items Stolen from Hotel RoomsRaise your hand if you’ve pinched a pari of slippers, or all those little bottles of bath foam, just before checking out?

Taking items from hotel rooms when checking out such as the odd toiletry or teabag may be considered “fair game”, but some hotel guests don’t stop there. Some hotel visitors try to get the best value for their money by attempting to nick everything that isn’t nailed down.

The most common hotel items to go missing include coat hangers, alarm clocks, slippers, towels and bedding, but it gets much worse…

Furniture and lightbulbs

Some hotels report having shoe racks disappear, or the sliding door from the wardrobe, in one case a man dressed as a workman stole a grand piano from one of the Starwood Hotels, managing to carry out the theft totally undisturbed. One couple asked for a room near the car park, only to steal the entire furnishings and fittings from their hotel room, loading them onto a removal van before making a quick getaway. But there are also those who simply take advantage of their holidays to steal the light bulbs from the room, without forgetting to take the bulb holder, the wires and the light fittings.

Techy Stuff

Unsurprisingly electronic goods are the favourite thing to nick, including a telephone (even though it should be obvious that it won’t work outside the hotel). The their who managed to vanish along with a an air-conditioning unit that weighs almost 130kg seems rather more problematic. However, the truly creative thieves are those who don’t only steal the plasma TV, but in order to avoid connectivity problems, also pack the cables for the DVD player into their swag bag.

Other Various Objects

This is certainly the category in which we found the strangest, I mean who really wants to pinch a hotel ironing board, marble fireplaces, door hinges or even the hotel room number? Strangely as it may seem, these have all been stolen from hotels around the world, for whatever reason.

For those more adventurous travellers, Residence in Bath, which offered kinky accessories, often saw objects of desire disappearing from the “adult drawer” in their rooms on a very regular basis. “I would call them up to explain that they had been caught.” explains a member of staff, “A rather long silence would inevitably follow!” she added.


If someone tries to sell you a stuffed boar head, this once belonged to the Hotel du Vin in Birmingham.

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