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Tats British LifeBrits spend over £1 billion on ‘tat’ each year with the average Brit spends £26 on souvenirs during a holiday.

Brits like to buy a memento or two whilst on holiday to remind them of a good trip but new research from price comparison travel website TravelSupermarket has revealed Brits now spend over £1.2 billion on holiday souvenirs each year. The staggering sum is based on the average Brit spending £26 on souvenirs whilst on holiday.

The research revealed that Londoners are the worst culprits when it comes to splashing the cash on sticks of rock and snow globes, spending £30 on average, followed by those from Scotland who part with £29 on items such as stuffed donkeys, local tipples and fridge magnets. Those in Yorkshire and Humber are more conservative, spending just £21 each.

TravelSupermarket’s travel expert Bob Atkinson said: “If you’re lured into buying things just because they’re sold at all the tourist stalls, resist. Or at least limit yourself. It’s easy to get carried away whilst on holiday and spend money on pricey souvenirs – but it really is worth thinking about whether you, or the loved one you’re buying for, will have use for it at home.

“Of course it’s nice to bring back items that remind you of your travels, but not all of them are really that useful or memorable. Why not consider items that have been made and produced locally in your destination and which help to sustain local jobs and incomes. This all helps in making a difference, especially in developing countries. You then get a souvenir that is more unique with a feel good factor for your expenditure to boot.”

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