Travellers prefer Wi-Fi over Films

Traditionally in flight films were considered the ultimate form of entertainment to help travellers pass the time whilst travelling, especially on the long haul flights however a recent survey which was conducted by flight comparison engine Skyscanner found that the availability of in-flight films now isn’t as in demand as it once was.

The research showed that if travellers were given the choice on a long haul flight between in flight entertainment such as films or access to the internet and social networking through Wi-Fi the majority would choose to use Wi-Fi. Only 37% of passengers stated they would choose the in flight films over internet access.

It was found that the majority, 60%, of travellers would use the internet for social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter in order to connect and stay updated with friends and family whilst they are travelling, favouring talking to their friends over making conversation with passengers they may be sitting with.

Watching films to pass the time wasn’t completely out of favour though with up to 48% of the participants stating that they would use the internet access to watch films and television shows of their choice rather than what is scheduled on the plane.

The demand for internet access during a flight has already been answered by Emirates Airlines who already offer Wi-Fi and EDGE internet access on all of their A380 flights. Other airlines are expected to follow suit with JetBlue set to offer Wi-Fi access for free on their flights starting in 2013.

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