Where to travel in 2021?

Are you one of the millions expected to leave the UK and seek warmer shores this year? Maybe you’re more of an adventurer and want to spend time with Adélie penguins in the Antarctic?

August is the busiest holiday month of the year. Airports are crowded, resorts are hot and prices tend to be high. But if you have school-age children this is probably when you’ll be taking your holidays.

For the best prices, travellers are advised to book holidays towards the end of August as most people want to travel early in the month, desperate to get out of work, and so prices are often higher. If you can wait until the last week you’ll find prices drop significantly.

The Mediterranean is expected to be the hotspot once again for tourists, but if you don’t like the heat, or you want to experience a different kind of holiday, you should consider going north to Scandinavia, Iceland or the Baltics.

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